10 Easy Ways To Outsmart Aging

By Anna Redman


Exercise Your Brain
Keep your brain as active as your body. Crosswords, puzzles, and other brain games were found to decrease cognitive decline in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Invest In A Gym Membership
Your fitness routine may improve more than your figure. After observing mice for eight months, with one group doing 45 minutes of exercise three times a week and the other doing none, researchers discovered that the fit rodents remained youthful while their sedentary counterparts were balding, greying, and frail.

Stay Sharp
Boston researchers discovered that regular yoga and meditation not only relax your body, but also delay old-age brain thinning. Start your weekly relaxation and reflection now, to save your mind later in life.

Get Catty
Those who get themselves a feline friend are signing up for more than litter boxes and cat treats. Research from the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute discovered that purring pals can drop your heart attack risk by almost a third — a huge concern in your older years.

Make More Time For Sex
Turn back the clock the fun way by getting busy on a regular basis. Research from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital found that sex, especially in later years, can make you look five to seven years younger, thanks to the release of both endorphins and human growth hormone.


Forget To Lift
For all those cardio queens out there, here’s another reason to carve out some time for strength training. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that lifting weights twice a week could drop a woman’s overall body fat by 3.7 per cent and also reduce her risk of abdominal fat-induced heart disease. In short, a little lifting could be your key to the fountain of youth.

Befriend Smokers
Even if you aren’t personally living in the Mad Men era, spending too much time with a friend who loves his or her smokes can still harm your health. Research published in Addiction discovered that being exposed to second-hand smoke for 25 hours a week can increase memory problems in non-smokers by 20 per cent.

Skimp On Sunblock
Look young without the facelift by lathering up on SPF. Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that slapping on the sunscreen at least three days a week can significantly reduce your risk of skin aging.

Forget To Smile
Looking on the bright side and maintaining a light-hearted attitude could be your secret to a beautiful mind, according to German researchers. This University of Hamburg study, published in Biological Psychiatry, found that staying sunny helps to sustain your mental alertness in later years.

Overdo The Booze
Studies show that too much alcohol can disrupt brain activity (as well as hinder your heart, liver, and immune system). Instead, brew yourself a cup of green tea. Japanese researchers discovered that a mug of the warm stuff, four to six times a week, can protect your brain from age-related diseases like dementia.

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