10 Great Past And Present Health And Fitness Trends

By Anna Redman


BOSU Ball: This magical blue dome of today can be used in many different workouts, allowing you to boost your balance and ramp up your rehabilitation.

Sports Bra: Continuing to evolve since their initial inception, these bras are more comfortable and supportive than ever before.

Zumba: Infused with Latin music and a party atmosphere, these hour-long classes put a fun spin on calorie burning.

Juicing: Originally seen as a celebrity fad, blending your fruits and veggies into a glass of pressed juice has been a popular diet choice in recent years.

Fitbit: Step-tracker, calorie-counter, and sleep-modifier, this device can do it all.


ThighMaster: Made famous by Suzanne Somers in the early 90s, this beloved at-home piece allowed you to tone your thighs (allegedly) while watching TV.

Leotards: The loss of this fashion trend, reminiscent of a one-piece swimsuit worn over tights, is, in fact, no loss at all.

Aerobics: Though Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” may pair perfectly with an old aerobics routine, the trend is an ’80s exclusive.

Cabbage Soup Diet: This calorie-limiting, cabbage-heavy diet was launched in the 1960s as a quick way to lose a large amount of weight.

Walkman: This portable cassette player by Sony was all the rage – until Discmans hit the market.

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