10 Things A Lady Never Wants To Hear In The Gym

By The Editors

10. “That oversized burrito was just what the doctor ordered. Let’s celebrate with a trip to the sauna.”
9. “Do you think anyone will notice I’m wearing cutoff jean shorts?”
8. “How you doin’?”
7. “I forgot my glasses today, but sure, I’ll spot you.”
6. “I think that anti-fungal cream is working — my palms are almost clear!”
5. The smack of bubble gum popping over and over.
4. Elevator music.
3. “GRRRRRRRRR!” (followed by the sound of a heavy barbell crashing to the floor)
2. “I can’t believe I forgot my deodorant again. Still, this at-capacity kickboxing class is going to be amazing!”
1. The fire alarm (in the shower with a head full of shampoo).

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