10 Ways to Step it Up at the Gym

We tapped three experts for their top ways to get out of a fitness rut. Your workout is about to get that much more intense!

When you start working out, results come quickly and your enthusiasm is high. It’s easy to be enthusiastic when every workout produces a new achievement. But after a while, you fall into a routine. Without even realizing it, you begin simply going through the motions. You do the same series of exercises, use the same weights, and your body stays the same.

We spoke with some experts who can help reignite your passion. These guys know how to motivate for kick-ass workouts that get kick-ass results.


Caroline Pearce, nutritionist, fitness consultant, and author of Better Body Workouts for Women

Carol Elizabeth, motivator, trainer, and owner of evolvelivefit.com

Brian Kotoka, owner of Forever Young fitness services and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Body Transformations

10 Ways to Crank it Up!




 1) Have an Action Plan
“If you go to the gym with no plan, you’ll spend half your time wondering what to do next.” – Carol

2) Mind Your Gaps
Brian says that missing any of these five fundamental movements may prevent you from burning fat and putting on muscle: the press, pull, deadlift, squat, and loaded carry.

3) Add Intensity Techniques
They’re called “intensity” techniques for a reason. They make your workout rock!
– Supersets: Work opposing body parts with no rest between.
– Forced reps: Have a partner help you with your last tough rep or two.
– Negatives: Pull or push up quickly; come down slowly.
– Rest-pause: Use a weight close to your one-rep max. Pause for 10 seconds after each rep.
– Drop sets: Do three extra sets, dropping the weight each time.



4) Power Up
Caroline recommends adding explosive exercises to your routine, such as squat jumps, burpees, and medicine-ball throws. She says they recruit more muscle fibres, leading to more complete muscular definition.

5) Turn Off Your Phone
If texts are coming in then you’ll be distracted – even if you don’t respond, says Carol.

 6) Train At a Different Gym
Take advantage of the free workouts most gyms offer. Training on new equipment can shock your muscles.

7) Use Your Buds
“The right mindset means the difference between mediocre and kick-ass. Listen to music that pumps you up, or try listening to a motivational speaker. It’s like having your own personal coach pushing you to greater achievements.” – Carol

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8) Don’t Limit Yourself
Go as high as you can, says Carol. If you plan on doing 70-pound lat pulldowns, that’s all you’ll do. If you say you’ll do minimum 70 pounds, you might soon find yourself doing 90.

9) Same But Different
You can get more mileage from basic exercises by making simple modifications to your feet or hand placement, says Brian. For example, when doing push-ups and squats, vary the distance between your hands or feet with each rep.

10) Stay Focused
Don’t get distracted by the problem you have at work, or the fight you had with your BFF. Focus on your efforts.

By Wendy Morley


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