3 Ways to Help Treat Bacne

Acne on the face is one thing, but to be self-conscious when wearing a backless tank this summer is another! We’re here to help!


One of the negative beauty effects of a heavy training schedule can be back acne. If you’ve recently had a body breakout, try these tips for clearer skin.

1. Shower immediately after your workout!
Try a body wash with salicylic acid and a clean washcloth to give you a little bit of a scrubbing texture. While we love puffs and loofas, try to avoid them if you have bacne because they’re prone to bacteria and mold. If you do use one, replace it monthly.
If you can’t shower right away wipe your back with salicylic acid wipes after your workout.

2. Moisturize
Once you’ve opened up your pores and cleaned away the dirt, moisturize with a medicated lotion, preferably one with benzoyl peroxide.

3. Keep Things Soft Beside your Skin
When it comes to fabric, avoid tight spandex covering the bacne-prone area. Instead opt for a cool and loose fabric like cotton. Also, sleep on silk or cotton sheets, and change them once or twice every week.


Our Favourite Detox Ingredient for Your Skin? Sea Salt

Sea salt is a great moisturizer for your skin. A recent study at the University of Kiel in Germany found that participants with dry skin who soaked in sea salt for 15 minutes a day found a significant improvement in their skin’s moisture barrier.

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