3 Ways You’re Consuming an Extra 500 Calories a Day

Time to stop letting those extra calories from slipping in!

Do you feel like you are eating healthy but don’t seem to see the results? This could be because you are consuming more calories than you think. Tracking food can seem daunting or meticulous but if you want to break through a plateau, this may be where to start. Here are three ways you can easily be adding an extra 500 calories per day into your diet without even realizing it!

1. Condiments


Condiments are an add-on to almost any meal and come with a harmless looking label that most people consider the calories negligible. Half the time you probably don’t even read the label as it seems ‘excessive’ to look at every little thing. The challenge is that majority of condiments do not come without some extra calories and sugar.

Here is something to consider, ketchup has 20 calories per tablespoon and 5g of carbs. Most people consume at least two tablespoons at a time. That is just one condiment at one meal.
If we look at a hamburger, you may add ketchup, mayo, mustard and relish!! There’s a ton of added calories and sugar that are sneaking into your diet!

Between condiments, sauces and dressings, you can easily add an extra 200-300 calories into your diet each day!

2. Coffee


Headed to your local coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up?
Even if you avoid the sugar-laden Frappuccino’s, mochaccinos and whatever other concoction they have available, it doesn’t mean your beverage is zero calories.

Milk substitutes like coconut or soy milk are usually of the sweetened variety and can add an extra 50 calories, 3g of carbs and 2g of fat!! That’s just as many calories as adding 2% milk. So if you think you are going for a lower cal option by opting for a milk substitute, unfortunately it’s not working in your favor!

For all the cream lovers, I know you probably figure it’s just one or two coffees per day but you can easily add an extra 100-150 calories each time (unless you are extremely light on the pour).

3. Portion Sizes










In a world where bigger is better, our portion sizes are growing as well!
Larger plates, larger quantities and all this adds up to a lot of extra calories!
If you aren’t tracking your food intake in terms of quantity, you could be easily consuming an extra 200 calories per meal.
Maybe you don’t eat large meals but snack or graze throughout the day. This isn’t a bad thing but again, without tracking you have no idea how much you are consuming.

If you take some time to read your labels and start tracking your calorie consumption, you may be able to crack down on where you can eliminate those extra calories!

By Claudia Scali


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