5 Ways To Save Your Blowout!

You train daily but don’t want to have to wash your hair and ruin a good blowout? Here’s how to extend the life of your blowout, save time, and look your best when you leave the gym.

Blowout picture

1. Learn to love dry shampoo! Spray some on before your workout to help your scalp absorb any sweat. Then use it again afterwards to revive your tresses.

2. A sweat-absorbent headband will keep your forehead dry and prevent sweat creep.

3. Avoid tight hair elastics that will create a bump. Instead flashback to the ’80s and revive the scrunchie. At the very least opt for soft fabric or a clip to hold back your hair while you train.

4. To help keep the bounce and waves, either twist and clasp your hair with a clip, or sculpt a high donut-shaped bun rather than a ponytail. To help with any flyaways, keep bobby pins in your gym bag.

5. Once you’re done your workout, loosen your hair, spray some more dry shampoo, toss it upside down, and blow-dry it with cool air. Have a flat iron on hand for a quick touch up if needed.

By Stephanie La Leggia


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