9 Tips For Finding The Perfect Fitness Coach

By Nichelle Laus (@NichelleLaus)

Have you often wondered what it would be like to have a fitness coach but don’t know where to start? So many different opinions, options, and internet searches have your head doing more circles than aliens in farmland!

As a transformation and contest prep coach, as well as a client to a coach myself, I can definitely relate to both worlds. I coach an amazing team of women who inspire, motivate, and empower one another. The team environment fosters such a healthy emotional relationship among us all. Not all of them compete, but they all share the same common goal: to obtain their highest level of health and inspire others to do the same.

Before you go on a mad search, you need to decide what you want your coach for. Set out and write down your short and long-terms goals so that when you do find one, you will both be on the same page. Do you want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you want a weight-loss transformation with the possibility of competing in a fitness competition later? Are you looking for more of a life coach?

Once you have written down your goals, you will need to start your search for the right coach for you. Here are some helpful tips.


You will need to do a little leg work if you choose to search the internet for your perfect match. This is not an easy task. Depending on what your goals are, you may need to attend a fitness competition, search magazines for ads, hit up Google, ask some fellow gym rats, or use your social media outlets to throw the word out there. Once you have narrowed it down to a few names, you can dig deeper. Although credentials are important, work ethic is key. Personal references or client testimonials are a great option.


A coach needs to be extremely reliable. For many who are embarking on a new journey, it’s a scary thing, and it’s comforting to know that you can count on your coach to be there for any questions or concerns you may have.


Like any relationship, compatible personalities can make a difference in your success. If you don’t complement each other, or there are intrapersonal conflicts that cannot be worked out, your journey will be compromised.


You need to have an honest relationship right from the start. You will be revealing a lot of your personal details, goals, and dreams to this person, and will be working very closely with them for the duration of your journey. Your coach needs to be truthful about your progress, and if need be, have the ability to constantly re-evaluate your timeline so that your goals are achievable.


If you have a question or a concern, how long will it take your coach to get back to you? Some coaches have a limit as to the amount of support that is given, while others provide unlimited email support. I have a private group on social media that only my team has access to. It is a great forum for discussions, and a way that the team can stay involved with one another. It’s so motivating to be able to connect with others who share a common goal!


Client-trainer confidentiality is paramount and must not be broken. You will get to know your coach on an extremely personal level. They will know your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, thresholds, and much more. You want to be certain that you can trust them 100 per cent.


Sometimes a piece of paper is just not enough. Although it is important to check their credentials, experience counts as well. Are they experienced in the industry? Do they have the connections needed if you require further assistance? Are they willing to provide you with references? Do they have a website, and if so, is there a client testimonial section you can check?


Online training is an extremely popular and practical way of helping you reach your goals. Does your coach also offer personal training in case you need a little motivation, assistance, or more guidance? If not, can he or she make the appropriate recommendations or alternate arrangements?


You can’t put a price on health and fitness, but of course, like anything, you want to get the best service for your buck. Do you have to pay upfront for their services? If you can’t afford a full payment, are there payment options available? Is there a contract?

Make sure you take the time to determine the best choice, or your goals will be compromised. Your fitness or transformation journey is a life-changing event — choose wisely

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