Body-Weight Workout

The world is your oyster when you harness the power of your own body weight. Whether on the road or in your basement, this series of six moves will have you sweating and strong in no time!

By Tracy Barbero
Photos of Joy Kushner by James Patrick

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The temperature may be dropping, the gym equipment may be sparse, your time may be limited, but that’s never an excuse to not work out – especially when we’re talking about body-weight training. When you only need a little space, it’s easy to squeeze in workouts, no matter the perceived roadblock.

Whether you choose plyometric training such as burpees or calisthenics work such as dips, these types of exercises offer a good heart-pumping, full-body workout in itself without additional equipment. Here’s proof: a June 2015 study published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research compared a full-body, no-equipment circuit training group to a resistance plus aerobic exercise group, and found that after doing a three day per week program for five weeks, the full-body aerobic resistance circuit group improved their aerobic and anaerobic fitness, with similar gains in terms of muscular strength. In other words, it is possible to encourage muscle and strength development through short burst of cardio sessions, using nothing but your body!

To make the most of a weight-free workout, Rick Horsman, personal trainer at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, created this total-body triset program. The idea behind trisets is that three different exercises are completed one after the other, without any rest. The exercises here are sequenced so that the plank variation in between each tri-set acts as your “active rest,” says Rick. In this way, movements that demand larger and more muscle groups, like the crab walk and jump squats, can be performed to your utmost since you’ve taken sufficient rest.

Perform each triset three or four times and you’ll have a quick yet metabolically-challenging boost to get you going for the day!

The Workout

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TIP: To reduce the intensity, perform only the crab walk and leave out the dip.

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