Don’t Neglect the Posterior Chain

By Jordan Cieciwa

Don’t Be All Show & No Go!

What makes the body strong? I mean really physically impressive. Not just to look good but to be functional and athletic. To be able to get through the day with energy to spare.

The answer is balance. Not just with work and life, and I’m not talking about a balance between healthy food and treats. I’m talking about muscle balance.

All too often I work with professional athletes who focus only on the muscles that they use for sport, and forget about the rest of the body. It’s similar in the fitness model and “regular Joe” world. Everyone trains the muscles they see, or think are beautiful and forget the rest. Guess what? Those muscles you forget are the most important to performance and to looks. They add symmetry and they supply a strong base for the muscles you feel working to push or pull from. That balance is everything, and stability creates power. Making sure you work opposing muscles will reduce injury, and build a body that adapts to any situation you put it in.

I often find the “posterior chain” is over looked. For the upper body, adding rear delt, rhomboid, rotator cuff, and lower trap exercises is imperative to proper shoulder function. It’s going to ensure you are able to do all your major lifts from a stable base. Put some focus on these muscles and watch your lifts increase.

For the lower body, create stability and mobility  in the glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves.  Focusing on these muscles will put you in a position to get better depth in your squats and power out of them right to the top of the lift. Your smaller, lesser seen muscles are important to the power production of the large prime movers.

Create a stable base, then see and feel the results. It’s more than just looks; it’s about performance too. That’s what we are here for, no one really wants to be  “all show, no go!”

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