Express your Strong

That’s the message behind Reebok’s newest line of active wear. The company kicked off their new gear in downtown Toronto yesterday to a group of editors, fashionistas and workout elite – who all got to showcase the new gear while doing cross fit, boxing and yoga mini sessions.

Their new line throws away the labels of separate running, yoga and dance gear. It’s now one look fits all. And the clothing is so fashion forward you will want to wear it outside of the gym too.


The idea of fitness wear just for fitness is gone. People want to be fashionable and comfortable – fitness wear can be both. While we may not be wearing workout gear to the office, it’s comfortable fare for shopping or a weekend day.


Reebok wants to go beyond great clothing and share the message of inner strength. Their new video campaign is inspired. Check out a few of our favourite stories about Filsan, a woman who overcame depression and declining health through running two to four hours a day.


And also Lina, a woman who used fitness to fight back after being diagnosed with cancer at age 21.


Pushing yourself to the limits is sometimes the only way to truly find out how strong you are.

by Nancy Ripton


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