Fact Or Fiction? Eating Smaller Meals More Often Will Help You Lose Weight

By Jenevieve Roper, MS

Eating six small meals a day has been commonly touted as a metabolism-boosting weight-loss method, but a recent study took a closer look at measured eating habits. After examining people who ate six small meals a day versus two larger ones, researchers concluded that while the smaller picks did help to maintain insulin levels, both eating plans lead to equivalent levels of weight loss. It turns out that the not-so-surprising key to weight loss is actually a negative calorie balance, although smaller meals more often can decrease your risk of cravings or binging thanks to more steady insulin levels.

Take-home message: Count your calories, not your meals, to tip the scales in your favour!

Jenevieve Roper, MS, is a doctoral candidate in exercise science at the University of New Mexico.

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