Fast Fitness: The Home Stretch

By Anna Redman
Photos Of Anya Ells By Arsenik Studios Inc.

Whether your holiday plans are skiing in Vermont, a camping trip in Muskoka, a family visit to Disney World, or a stay-cation just for you, this stretchy workout is guaranteed to fit your needs. “I love using resistance bands because they’re easy to use, safe, fun, and versatile,” says Libby Norris, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Master Trainer, and Canada AM’s Fitness Expert. “You can use them at home, at the office, or when you travel,” she explains. These bands can be easily packed into your carry-on or checked luggage (although getting your fitness fix in the middle of Pearson Airport may raise a few eyebrows) and they can be modified to fit your individual strength needs, simply by varying the band length. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your stretch on!

How To Do It

“Sport-specific training involves very precise approaches, but when you’re working out for fitness and health, variety is one of the most important principles,” Norris notes. “Avoid plateaus and keep your workouts challenging and fun by making small shifts with reps, sets, and the order you do exercises.” Try these different variations to keep this workout fresh, any day of the week.

Fast Fitness: The Home Stretch

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