Fast Fitness: Your No-Equipment Fat-Loss Workout

By Rachel Debling
Illustrations By Mark Collins

Two of the biggest fitness excuses are a lack of time and a lack of equipment. If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news: this 20-minute body-weight workout solves both of these problems.

We solicited the advice of Cameron Cogswell, CEO and founder of the contest-prep company Camwell Nutrition and a 10-year veteran of the health and fitness industry, to create a workout that is big on fat-burning results but is short on equipment — that is, it requires none. How does he do this? By shifting the focus rearward.

“The glutes are a fantastic muscle group to incorporate into a metabolic workout because, as we know, they are the largest muscles in the human body,” Cogswell explains, adding that focusing on this area will automatically cause the body to recruit more muscle fibres and, subsequently, burn more calories. Do these moves in the order shown, four to five times through with little to no rest, and expect up to 72 hours of post-exercise calorie burn. Cogswell explains that this is due to three factors: compound movements, a fast tempo with short rest periods, and an aerobic focus to improve the cardiovascular system.


Sumo SquatSumo Squat

Reps: 20
Stand with your feet wide. Squat slowly. Once you feel the stretch in your glutes/hamstrings, push up through the heels and squeeze your butt at the top.
Tip: Keep your toes pointed outward to hit the glutes even more.

Lunge With Kickback
Lunge with Kickback

Reps: 10 (per leg)
Stagger your legs and lower until your back knee comes close to the floor. Extend your legs and raise your rear foot from the ground at the top.
Tip: Some knee flexion is okay as you lift, as it will encourage contraction of the hamstrings.

Leap & Lunge
Leap and Lunge

Reps: 10 (per leg)
Crouch slightly, then jump explosively forward. Squat as you land. Next, stand and lunge rearward to return to the start.
Tip: Alternate legs with each rep to work both sides equally.

Crouched Sidestep
Crouched Side Step

Reps: 10 (each way)
Squat down slightly with your feet hip-width apart. Step out to the side with one foot and follow it with the second, to complete one rep.
Tip: Keep your chest lifted and as straight as possible.

Glutes RaiseGlutes Raise

Reps: 20
Lie on a bed or other elevated surface with your legs hanging over the edge. Raise your legs up as high as you can, pause, then lower back to the start.
Tip: Rotate your toes out slightly at the top to work your butt even harder.

Bulgarian Split Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat

Reps: 10 (per leg)
Start in a lunge position with your rear foot on a platform. Bend your legs to lunge, bringing your rear knee close to the ground. Drive up through your front heel to stand.
Tip: Keep your weight centred on your front foot.


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