Finding Your pH: Balance Your Acid Levels With This Go-To Guide

A simple google search can tell you where certain foods fall on the pH (acidic) scale. Here’s a peek at some common foods and where they land between 1 (acidic) and 14 (alkaline). Try this easy three-day meal plan if you think you need to get your acid back on track.


2.3 – Cola
3.0 – Wine, cheese, pork, lamb
4.0 – Cranberries, wheat, white bread, beef, nuts, tomato sauce
5.0 – Many beans, lentils, chicken and turkey, potatoes without skin
6.0 – Dairy, brown rice, soy and goat’s milk, salmon, tuna


7.0 – Tap water, raw cow’s milk, fresh cream, butter


8.0 – Many fruits, almonds, wild rice, avocados
9.0 – Lettuce, sweet potato, raw peas, sprouts, figs, dates
10.0 – Spinach (raw), lemons and limes, potato skins, cucumbers, asparagus

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