Get Fit and Have Fun with Mom

Why you should forgo traditional gifts and give mom what she really wants this Mother’s Day – a wellness break.


Truth? Mom doesn’t need another box of chocolates or a gift certificate. The best gift you can give this Mother’s Day doesn’t come from a store. What your mom really wants is a break.

Sure, moms want a break from cooking meals that no one wants to eat, and cleaning homes that will be dirty again before the vacuum gets put away. But, above all, it’s exhausting always planning everything and being in charge.

This year, give mom a scheduling break, and plan a fun and active day for the family, where mom can just tag along and have fun. Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas for fit fun with the family. All mom needs to do is show up.

1. Plan a Bike Ride

Make sure all the tires are pumped and bikes are ready to go ahead of time. Pack water and snacks so all mom as to worry about is showing up and pedalling.

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