How To: Cut Sugar Out Of Your Life

Looking to cut sugar out for good? We spoke with renowned fitness and nutrition expert, and author of The Virgin Diet, and her latest release, The Sugar Impact Diet for tips on how to get started!


T here is nothing good to be said about sugar. According to fitness expert and bestselling author JJ Virgin, every major disease was either caused by sugar or at least influenced its progression. The main thing it does is cause inflammation. People often ask her how to pick and choose between good and bad sugars, but Virgin says no matter what, your body can’t tell the difference between the two. “The more sweet you eat, the more sweet you want.”

Three tips from Virgin to help cut out sugar from your diet:

1. Reclaim your sweet tooth: Learn to love food’s natural sweetness. Virgin says that many people will put sugar on their berries, but they are already sweet. Try eating berries plain to regain the taste of their natural sweetness.

2. Start eating spicy and sour foods: One way to do so is to drink lemonade. A few hours before a meal, I add four tablespoons of lemon juice in water, some chia seeds, and maybe a bit of stevia. You can even throw some cayenne pepper in there.

3. Discover other ways to deal with stress rather than eating: Everyone has to find their own way. Virgin says many people suggest yoga, but that won’t necessarily work for you. It’s best to find your own guilt-free pleasure.

By Blair Mlotek

Want to learn more about the perils of sugar and sweeteners, click here!

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