How To Pack Like A Gym Rat

By The Editors
Product Photos By Arsenik Studios Inc.

Over the past nine years, Shelley Harrison, owner and general manager of, has helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals through her award-winning personal training service. Today, she’s helping you reach yours by properly preparing you for the gym.


1. Duffel Bag

Reebok Dance Duffel

This sophisticated gym bag is fitness-focused but still feminine. It even includes a “wet pocket” for your sweaty gym clothes.





2. Shaker Cup

BlenderBottle Classic

This classic shaker cup from Blender Bottle is perfect for mixing everything from protein to BCAAs to pre-workouts and beyond.

$9.99 USD


3. Headphones

Adidas Original x Monster In-Ear Headphones

Great sound quality, sweatproof, and stylish, this et of headphones makes for the perfect workout companion.




4. Shoes

Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 Shoes

If their lilac tones don’t grab you, the fact that they’re specifically designed to help you with heavy lifts will.




5. Protein Bar

OhYeah! Victory Bar

These snacks are loaded with 21 grams of protein and are a healthy source of BCAAs.

$34.95 per 12-pack



6. Face Wipes

Olay Fresh Effects Cloths

Grab wipes that are pre-moistened and loaded with cleansing pockets that lift away dirt and makeup with ease.




7. Headbands

Reebok Crossfit Thin Headbands

You never know when cardio will call – be prepared with this array of lightweight but heavy-duty hairbands.




8. Lifting Gloves

Xtreme Monkey Pro Power Grips

This unique pair provides better protection, comfort, and range of motion than traditional training mitts.


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