How To Pack Like A Yogi

By The Editors
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Jenn Pike, a registered holistic nutritionist, medical exercise specialist, and best-selling author of The Simplicity Project, says yogis must carry “a versatile bag that is both fashionable and roomy.”

“Roomy,” in particular, is key here, because she also suggests stocking it with the following must-have items.

1. Bag

Titika Carry On Bag
This stylish mid-sized travel bag is perfect for all of your yoga accessories and necessities.

2. Natural Deodorant

Rooted Goddess All-Natural Deodorant
Pike recommends this scented stick. "It goes on really smoothly and it comes in a recyclable container," she notes.

3. Yoga Mat

Woven Yoga Mat
One side has a jute weave grip texture for sweaty hot yoga sessions while the other provides less grip for those restorative days.

4. Yoga Towel

Tie Die Yoga Towel
These towels are long enough to cover your entire mat, soft enough to provide comfort, and covered with slip-preventing studs.

5. Hand Towel

Discovery Trekking Cooling Towel
Great for keeping your hands and face clear of sweat, Pike also recommends using it across the top of your mat for your hands during the flow.

6. Therapy Balls

Xtreme Monkey Acupressure Balls
Made from a special rubber that grips your skin, these work to rub out adhesions and tension, offering you a DIY deep-tissue massage.

7. Juice

Juice Matters Drink
More exciting than water, stay hydrated with a cold-pressed fruit and veggie beverage.

8. Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, leak-free, extremely durable, and able to keep any drink at the temperature you want it.

9. Protein Bar

Genuine Health Vegan Fermented Protein Bars
A great tasting, easy-to-digest snack for an affordable price.
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