How To Pack Like An Aquatics Instructor

By The Editors
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Aquatic fitness classes not only offer a great workout, but they’re also much easier on the body. If you’re attending one, however, there are a few things you wouldn’t want to forget when packing your gym bag. Rita Marcon, a GoodLife aqua instructor in Windsor, Ontario, dishes on the essentials you’ll need to make the most of your class.

1. Gym Bag

Adidas Sports Bag
Since you'll be carting around some damp clothing, it's best to stick with a water-resistant bag.

2. Swimsuit

Speedo Endurance Lite Pulse Flyback
Chlorine is unavoidable in a swim class, so pick a polyester swimsuit, as they are designed to repel chemicals.

3. Towel

Large Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast-Dry Towel
Say farewell to damp and stinky gear with this fast-drying, odour-destroying towel.

4. Aqua Gloves

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Exercise Gloves
Add some intensity to your workout with these webbed gloves. Your totally toned arms will thank you.

5. Sandals

Adidas SuperCloud Plus
You'll need some footwear for your post-class shower – you don't know what you'll find on those public shower floors.
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