How To Use Social Media To Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

By Elle Stavreska & Stephanie Joanne

As we scroll our way through our beloved Instagram feeds, there is no shortage of weight-loss information, tricks, and gimmicks. But how do we know what’s legitimate? Do we drink this new magic tea? Do we use this fancy new spice rub on our chicken? Do we neatly organize our meals in Tupperware containers? Sifting through all this chatter can turn into a full-time job, so we’ve compiled our top tips on using social media to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Do Some Validating

Everyone seems to position themselves as some kind of expert, so it is important to ensure that the people you are listening to are certified experts in their field. Take into consideration their level of training, experience, education, and credentials. This way, you can avoid selecting many not-so-healthy recipe ideas that can disguise themselves as weight-loss options.
Suggestion: Follow recipes from registered holistic nutritionists who know their stuff. Once you find them, be sure to hook them up with a “double-tap.”

Join a Support Group or Online Weight-Loss Program

Support groups are now more powerful than ever and have moved online ­– no surprise here. We now have the ability to easily access groups (especially via Facebook) that can provide us with support, strategies, motivation, and encouragement, making the journey much easier.
Suggestion: Before signing up for an online program, do some digging into some of the programs’ previous successes. Take it one step further and reach out to former devotees to ask what their experience was like.

Use Social Media as an Accountability Tool

We all know that we need to write our goals down to make them real (insert your eye-rolls here), but can you imagine the power of sharing them with the hundreds or even thousands of people on social media? You will no longer be answering to those closest to you if your dieting efforts fail; instead, you’ll be answering to all the people in your social media network. Take advantage of this extra push to ensure you are sticking to your weight-loss goals.
Suggestion: Post your goals, but first ensure they are realistic and can be achieved in the timely manner you have set out.

Get Motivated by Some #Fitspiration

It doesn’t take long during your midday Instagram scroll to find a super-fit pro showing off some fancy moves that most of us only dream of doing. The good news is there are always more realistic variations you can use at the gym to switch up your routine. Picking up workouts from a variety of personal trainers via their social media pages is a great way to help shock your body, diversify your workout, and get you trim.
Suggestion: Look for videos on YouTube that help describe and clearly demonstrate each exercise to avoid injury or error ­– and perhaps save an embarrassing gym fail, too!

 Elle Stavreska is a foodie and holistic nutritionist. Check out her website for more.

 Stephanie Joanne is a branding consultant and fitness expert. Find out more at

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