If you haven’t tried it yet, we say give POUND a go!

Don’t underestimate the power of the green sticks! The non-dance class is more intense than you might think!

POUND Fit- Workout #4

Workouts for people that don’t like to workout have been in for a while but even all the mixes of barre, pilates, and yoga can end up being a bore. Opening your box for the POUND Rockout Results System will yield some things that are reminiscent of P90X (some guides and DVDs), along with that are a pair of bright green drumsticks called Ripstix in this case.

The POUND system has become popular in fitness studios all over America and is starting to get into Canada as well. Even if there isn’t a class near you, there is finally an at-home system for anyone to try— all you need is the box and a bit of space. No other fitness equipment is required so that excuse won’t work this time!

POUND Fit- Workout #3

What was it like?

The only classes I shy away from are those that are based on dance. However, this is completely different; it’s based on music but has little to do with dance. The drumsticks are more about adding in a little fun.

Using the Ripstix to work out seemed odd at first, but when thinking about it after my first workout, I realized they can really distract you from what you are doing (a really intense workout) and they also make you have a better workout. Since the moves have you constantly reaching your arms over your head to hit the sticks together and then hit them on the floor, it means lower reaching and lower squats.

You end up focusing on the rhythm of your workout as opposed to the hard work—and trust me, you will be working hard. The different workouts encompass cardio, Pilates-like poses, and muscle toning.

The POUND system is one to try for those of us who decided to have a crack at every type of fitness that’s trending, but also for people who never like working out at all. I can’t stand running on a treadmill or lifting weights, but I am always looking for an interesting new workout. After trying many different fitness trends, I’ve also become unreasonably picky — it has to be fun but still show real results — not easy to find and even more difficult from video workouts. However, it is possible with the POUND system to have you forget you’re working out at all.

POUND Fit- Workout #1

How should you use the system?

However you want! On top of all the workouts, there is a meal guide to follow. The whole set ends up being like a nutritionist and personal trainer in one. Going for the full 60-day challenge seems a bit daunting, but the nutritional guide (complete with appetizing-looking smoothies and a shopping list) has lots of great info and recipes to try. The workout also comes with a guide, but you may as well mix it up depending on how you feel that day.

My advice: Give it a go!

By Blair Mlotek

Photos by Brita Potenza


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