10 Training Tips for Germaphones

Here’s how to keep it hygienic when you’re hitting it hard at the gym!


The gym might be full of germs, but that doesn’t mean you should have to give your “me-time!” Just follow these simple tips to help keep the germs at bay after an intense sweat session.

1. Don’t touch your face during a workout.

2. Use your own towel for the benches, equipment, and steam room.

3. Use the gym’s sanitizing gel for your hands and the disinfectant wipes for the machines.

4. Bring flip-flops for the locker room, steam room, and showers.

5. Bring your own gear, like mats, gloves, water bottles, and towels.

6. Be sure any wounds you might have are tightly covered with a bandage.

7. Get out of your sweaty clothes as soon as possible.

8. Put your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag.

9. Throw those clothes in the wash when you get home.

10. Wash your hands with soap before leaving the gym.

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