Feminine Silhouette: Work on your abs with cover girl Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway has built a brand around showing how feminine muscles can look. Here’s how you can make her tips work for you!


When it comes to standout body parts, Paige’s abs may be almost as famous as she is. She refers to them lovingly as chicken nuggets, and ironically claims that despite all her time in the gym, diet is the key to making her stomach so fierce. “A lot of people find that nutrition is the hardest part of the equation, but it’s so essential to getting the results you’re after,” says Paige. You can train all you like, and if your diet is off you’ll never get the flat, chiselled look you’re after.PaigeIFM211885_edit

Paige likes to do circuit training for abdominal work, choosing about five exercises and doing them back-to-back without a break. Then she’ll break for 30 to 60 seconds and will repeat for four sets. In terms of reps, she does a lot. “You want to keep your reps high to achieve a flat, toned stomach,” says Paige.

Here are a few of Paige’s favourite ab exercises.

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