The Sustainable Diet

Here’s how to save the Earth one meal at a time!

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While many of us have become more aware of the effects that sugar, gluten, dairy, and red meat can have on our body and brain, what about the ramifications these foods have on our planet and economy?

Cat Smiley, owner of health retreat Whistler Fitness Vacations, has helped countless women take on a nutritious and holistic lifestyle that is beneficial to themselves, society, and the Earth. “Being green is not dgst about recycling; it’s about what you’re consuming,” says Smiley. “We need to start thinking about how what we eat impacts us on an economic and environmental scale.”

Her book, The Planet Friendly Diet, was initially meant for retreat guests who adopted her nutritional plan, followed her grocery lists, and attempted her recipes. With the help of her guests’ feedback, Smiley spent the last five years modifying and tweaking her book. “When it got really quiet and all we received was positive feedback, that’s when I knew the book was ready to be shared with the public,” says Smiley.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.48.33 PMThe book is designed to be a starting guide for those who want to flirt with the idea of adopting healthier, more sustainable eating habits and reducing or eliminating meat. Although her goal isn’t to force vegetarianism on her readers, Smiley is hoping to help spread the word on the negative impact meat has on the economy and environment, influencing people to become more mindful and to eat meat as a treat rather than a daily meal.

“This is book is very non-judgmental. Changing your habits and diet is hard. If you’re used to meat and potatoes, you’re not going to immediately opt for an avocado and cocoa powder smoothie,” says Smiley. “Being with these women over the years, I’ve come to understand their cravings when they go through detoxification, and address them in the program. This is for those just getting started in their health journey.”

To give you an example of how good sustainable eating can taste, here are a few recipes from Smiley’s book, The Planet Friendly Diet.

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