Is Creatine Safe for Women?

The truth behind creatine


Creatine is not just for men anymore. The widely used ergogenic is celebrated (and verified) as a strength booster, muscle builder and indirectly as a fat burner. This supplement is more popular with men, but women have also derived significant benefits. Since it’s unofficial “birth” as a sport supplement in the nineties, creatine has been constantly evolving and improving. Nevertheless, concerns still abound as to whether it’s safe for regular consumption. Specifically, fears of water retention and a negative impact on the liver and kidneys are plentiful.
However, several human studies have examined creatine usage and liver parameters, and found no association between creatine and liver problems. Many other studies consistently demonstrate that in recommended dosages, creatine does not pose any risk to the kidneys nor the heart, unless an individual has a rare condition like polycystic kidney disease or focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

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