Look Better in a Bathing Suit

Hate bathing suit shopping? Here’s how to find the perfect suit for your shape and come out looking like a super model.

SK One pieceWe are all so quick to point out our flaws; it’s time to start focusing on the parts you love instead – especially when it’s time to go bathing suit shopping! For instance, I tend to hold weight in my tummy and I’m self conscious about it. If I had to pick out my favourite body part, I would say it’s my legs. So, when I’m swimsuit shopping I look for suits that will accentuate my legs, while concealing or smoothing my tummy.

Sexy one-pieces are all the rage right now, and I love it! (Check out the Sun Kitten Naked Goddess suit above.) I feel and look great in a classy one-piece suit with high cuts on the hips. The high cutouts on the legs make my legs look longer and thinner, and my tummy is concealed completely – think Pam Anderson from Baywatch.

Choosing the Best Suit for Your Shape

Most of us would like to minimize something on our bodies and accentuate other areas. My number one piece of advice when it comes to swimsuit shopping is to be comfortable in your choice. Not everyone has the same taste, and we all need to be able to express ourselves through what we wear and be comfortable!

With all that in mind, here are a few tips to help you choose the best swimsuit for your body type so you can look and feel your best:

Apple Shape: For women who carry weight in their tummy area, the key is to smooth and slim the midsection. Sun Kitten’s Naked Goddess (The nude one-piece seen here) is a great suit for this body type. It’s a one-piece, so it covers and smoothes your tummy, and even has a corset in the back so you can create a custom-fitted suit to pull things in where you need it most. This is suit has high cuts on the leg to accentuate your limbs.

Other great suits for this body type (if you don’t want to wear a one piece) are tankinis and the use of fringe. Choose bikini tops with long fringes that hang over the midsection so that it’s semi-covered, increasing your comfort level. High-wasted bottoms are great for apple shapes too. One of the biggest trends is the use of cut outs and mesh. Sheer mesh is great, because it covers and reveals at the same time. These sheer cutouts smooth your tummy, but create an illusion of less fabric by choosing a sheer option.


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