Love Your Legs!

Cover girl Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe shares why she’s always loved muscle, and lets you in on her secrets to getting leaner legs that are sculpted to perfection.



Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe (or Coach JVB) has become a popular transformation coach because she tells it like it is. Truth: You’re just not going to get those killer, shapely legs you desire with a couple lunges a day. Real results take work, and Coach JVB’s personal leg workout is proof that if you put in the effort, you’ll get results.

Coach JVB trains legs twice a week (day one and day three of her training schedule). It’s a gruelling program filled with deadlifts, squats, and even sled pulls, but it’s what’s necessary to get the results she desires.

As our June/July 2016 cover girl, Jennifer shared her day one lower-body training. You can pick up a copy or check out our digital issue to find out how she pushes and sculpts her lower body on day one of the week. Day three, we share with you below.

Leaner More Shapely Legs – Part Two

Do Jennifer’s day-one leg workout found in the June/July 2016 issue on Monday or Tuesday, and then follow up with this workout on Wednesday or Thursday.

Start with a 10-minute warm up to get your muscles ready to work. This could include knee hugs, straight-leg marches, side lunges, inchworms, or mini-band side steps. Then move onto heavy training.

The first two exercises in the series are always mechanical (heavy) loads in the six- to eight-repetition range. “With these exercises you are trying to progress to more weight,” says Jennifer. During the second week of your workout, you will up your weight by five pounds, and continue to strive for a five-pound increase week by week.

The rest of the exercises are volume (density) work, with rest, pause, and drop-sets. “With these exercises you are going for maximum pump,” says Jennifer. There are short rest intervals, and if you need to drop the weight to stay in a higher repetition bracket, then do so. You will progress with these exercises by decreasing the rest intervals week after week. In the second week, the 30-second rest becomes 25 seconds, third week 20 seconds, and so on.

Jennifer urges you to pay attention to tempo throughout your workout. “Tempo is one of the most important aspects in weight lifting and is almost always overlooked,” she says. “Tempo is where the ‘resistance’ happens by fighting gravity with our bodies while the weight returns to starting position. This is why most of my heavy lifting negatives are slow, and how I best stress my muscles.”

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