One Week Of Eats To Help You Lose Fat – NOW!

Need to kickstart that metabolism and get your diet back on track? We’ve got a great go-to meal plan for you!

Without the right foods, you can kiss away your hopes of a bikini beach body altogether. And just because you are dieting down, it doesn’t mean it has to be plain or boring, either! This delicious seven-day eating plan, full of flavourful foods to kickstart your fat loss, will satisfy your body’s needs — as well as your taste buds!

Just a note: this is a diet plan that may be more calorie-reduced than you are used to. This isn’t intended to replace your regular healthy diet — it’s simply a jumpstart on your way to fat-loss town. Follow it for a week, then use the recipes to build your own meal plan in subsequent weeks, aiming for 1,500 calories each day.

How To Eat Up And Lose Fat - NOW!

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