The 20-Minute, At-Home Workout

Cut your workout time in half and reap the rewards – all without a stitch of equipment


Two of the biggest fitness excuses are a lack of time and lack of equipment. If this sounds like you, we’ve got bad news: this 20-minute body-weight workout solves both of these problems.

We solicited the advice of Cameron Cogswell, CEO and founder of the contest-prep company Camwell Nutrition (, a 10-year veteran of the health and fitness industry, to create a workout that is big on fat-burning results but is short on equipment – that is, it requires none. How does he do this? By shifting the focus rearward.

“The glutes are a fantastic muscle group to incorporate into a metabolic workout because, as we know, they are the largest muscles in the human body,” Cogswell explains, adding that focusing on this area will automatically cause the body to recruit more muscle fibres and, subsequently, burn more calories. Do these moves in the order shown, four to five times through with little to no rest, and expect up to 72 hours of post-exercise calorie burn. Cogswell explains that this is due to three factors: compound movements, a fast tempo with short rest periods, and an aerobic focus to improve the cardiovascular system.

Next Up: Sumo Squat

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