The Best Wearable Technology For Fitness Fanatics

In the past few years, technology has come a long way. It is intertwined in our lives, and affects all aspects of it. There are lots of tech toys out there to make our lives easier, and to make us more effective in our daily routines. These gadgets will make your training more fun, and more streamlined.


Although it looks like a mere Bluetooth headset sent from the future, Vigo could actually be the key to improving your productivity. This still-to-be-released wearable device studies your blinks to determine your mental acuity. It starts logging information about your alertness the second you start wearing it, giving you nudges when you’ve been idle for too long or when you start to doze off.

Lechal Smart Footwear

These futuristic kicks are a lot more than an emphatic style statement. Soon to be on the feet of runners everywhere, Lechal’s smart shoes connect to your phone via Bluetooth and quickly learn your favourite routes, guiding you along the way through different vibrations that indicate which way you should turn — if your right shoe buzzes, you turn right. If your left shoe buzzes, you turn left. The shoes will also alert you if you’ve left your phone behind, keep track of your steps taken and calories burned, and even give you audible battery life updates at the snap of your fingers — literally.

Radiate Athletics Thermal Vision Shirt

The all-new Thermal Vision Shirt from Radiate Athletics gives gym-goers the ability to see inside their bodies — well, sort of. Key to avoiding overexertion and injury, this shirt utilizes thermal vision technology to change its colour as you exercise, ultimately illuminating which muscles are being neglected and which muscles are working the hardest.

Adidas x Monster In-Ear Headphones

The grandfather of wearable tech, headphones have come a long way since they first became a workout necessity. Take the Adidas x Monster® In-Ear Headphones, for example. Apart from top-notch sound quality, these headphones boast all-day comfort, superior noise isolation to help you focus, a patented Sport-Clip that keeps them in your ear despite rigorous motion from exercise, and a sweat-proof material that will come in handy during your sweatiest cardio sessions.

Fitbit Charge

A slim, stylish wrist accessory that keeps a daily log of your steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality, and, in the morning, it will even peacefully wake you with a series of gentle vibrations. On top of all that, its elaborate goal-setting system will help you crush your fitness objectives in an organized manner that — let’s face it — you wouldn’t achieve on your own.
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