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When it comes to building a superior physique, there are a few areas of the body that you must focus on during your training: captivating delts, rippling abs and, of course, high and tight glutes. While the former two body parts are usually high on both genders’ “must have” lists, it’s the womenfolk who tend to put in the most effort on their hindquarters – but gentlemen, this training’s for you too.

That’s why we reached out to Ainsley McSorely – a Manitoba-based fitness model, trainer and owner of Winnipeg’s Revive Fitness whose rearview is well known across the nation – to create an all-levels workout for ladies and gents alike. Still think butt building isn’t for you, guys? “Strong glutes help support the lower back and prevent injuries,” notes Ainsley. “When the glutes are weak or aren’t being used properly, the psoas muscle takes over which can lead to back pain and lower lumbar compression.” And injuries aren’t sexy on anyone, period.

Even if you don’t have the want or the need to burn out those glutes, we’re sure that there’s something on the following pages that will pique your interest. Enjoy.


First, select your workout level:

Beginners: You’re a beginner if you’ve been exercising for three months or less. After four weeks of doing the beginner program, move to the intermediate workout.

Intermediates: You’re an intermediate if you’ve been exercising for about six months. After six weeks of doing the intermediate program, try the advanced version.

Advanced: If you’ve been exercising for a year or more, congrats: you fall under our advanced category.

Twice each week, do the specified number of reps and sets for each of your level-specific exercises, resting only 30 to 45 seconds in between sets, and leaving at least 48 hours of rest in between workouts.

McSorely Glute Workout


Beginner: Bodyweight Squat



EXECUTION: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend at the hips and knees to squat; pause at the bottom, then drive through your heels to stand.

Intermediate: BOSU Squat



EXECUTION: Stand on the platform of a BOSU with your feet shoulder-width apart. (Place your hand on a wall as you get into position, or have a partner aide you.) Kick your hips back to squat, then extend your legs to stand.

Advanced: Dumbbell Front Squat



EXECUTION: Perform this motion in the same way as the beginner version, but hold a dumbbell in front of or on top of each shoulder. Focus on keeping your weight in your heels as you lower and return to the start.

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