The Great Egg Debate

There are three things you should never talk about with a health-conscious crowd: money, politics, and whether or not you should throw out the yolk. We crack open the research to discover what’s bunk and what you should be doing when it comes to those delicious orbs.


Though it’s true that eggs have been enjoyed for thousands of years as a complete, convenient source of protein, there have been voices in the scientific and dietary communities that have been crying foul over the past few decades. First, doctors were saying that you shouldn’t eat yolks at all, and a flurry of no-yolk, cholesterol-free products hit the market to placate the masses who had deemed yolks enemy numero uno. Then the tides shifted, and it was generally accepted that some whole eggs, enjoyed occasionally, are not harmful. With new studies coming out at the speed of light either defending or vilifying the nutritional safety of whole eggs – and some leaving us with more questions than answers – it’s high time that we took a closer look at the research, myths, and facts surrounding this long-consumed, often-maligned food source.

Next Up: The truth behind the yolk 

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