The Ultimate Dieter’s Checklist

By Natalie Bean-Sole

If those last few pounds feel indestructible and your body shape seems permanent, then it’s time to consult our dieter’s checklist. Though exercise is of course an essential ingredient to weight loss, it can never fully compensate for bad eating. We believe that 80 per cent of your success is tied to food – you are what you eat, after all. So scrutinize your fridge, investigate your cupboards, and follow these 11 easy steps to finally achieve those weight-loss goals!

The 80 Per Cent Rules

1. Eat every two to three hours to keep your metabolism active and performing at its best.
2. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day.
3. Make sure you always get enough sleep (at least eight hours).
4. Properly supplement your diet if you know you aren’t consuming enough natural sources of certain vitamins and minerals.
5. Never miss a meal – it will only raise your blood sugar levels and increase your desire to binge!
6. Ensure that each meal consists of a lean protein, fibrous veggies, and a low-glycemic complex carb, like yams or brown rice.
7. If you’re caught short and have to skip a meal, try to keep your metabolism going by tracking down a protein shake or a high-protein, low-carb energy bar.
8. Continue a daily routine of cardio and strength training sessions to keep that calorie fire burning.
9. Don’t overdo it! Allow your body to properly recover by taking a rest day between vigorous workouts.
10. Set realistic goals, a manageable routine, and a solid foundation take time to build.
11. Allow yourself a planned cheat meal once a week to help you stay on track and reward yourself for your great discipline and hard work!


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