Think Your Way To Better Health

Put down the weights and get working on your mental health!


It’s easy to spend hours in the gym training our bodies, but sometimes we forget the most important muscle, the one that can actually make you stronger, leaner, and faster – the brain!

The brain should really be trained every day, and what you believe about yourself, your life, and your abilities is all part of this training. Don’t go to the extreme and be overly cocky and arrogant, but be confident and realize that as long as you’re alive, you have the power to overcome your challenges and obstacles.

If you’re wondering what brain training has to do with getting strong and looking good, think about your goals. How could you achieve them if you suffered a serious injury, or were diagnosed with a horrible disease? Well, one of your best chances for success is having a strong brain that’s ready to fight and overcome the odds. You have to be prepared to ignore the naysayers who say you can’t do it and the medical advice that may discourage you. Not that you should dismiss the pain – you will definitely need rest, physiotherapy, and other healing treatments – but the power of your brain can strongly influence how successful these treatments are.



What you decide to believe while you are going through this traumatic time might determine the outcome. If you keep that warrior mentality of “I know I will get through this and come out stronger,” then you likely will. However, if you are lying in bed eating pizza and ice cream, thinking “I will never train again, my body is broken,” then that might very well be your new reality.

I have personally experienced the power of the brain. I was told that I’d never train again, but I refused to believe the doctor and instead used the power of my mind to visualize myself running and training whenever I could, with great success.

An athletic friend of mine had a similar experience, when, at the age of 26, she was completely paralyzed on her left side. She woke up, couldn’t feel her arms, and a few hours later she was in the hospital being diagnosed with a rare case of MS. She was told that she’d be in a wheelchair or bed for the rest of her life, but a year later she was walking with a cane, and a few months after that she dropped the cane and was training to strengthen her left side, thanks to the continuous power of her mind.

Whether you are in a hospital bed, wheelchair, or suffering from another health issue remember that the brain only knows what it’s being told. It believes what you feed it, so keep feeding it what you want and not what you’re afraid of!


If you’re currently struggling with an immense hurdle, here are a few tips to help you through the tough times:

1. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and uplifting. A support system for when you feel down is crucial.
2. Visualize your goals. If you needs some guidance, try one of the free videos on YouTube before bed.
3. Read stories of other people who have succeeded (or are succeeding) online and through social media. You might even be able to connect with some of them so you can keep each other positive and motivated.

By Lorena Santacruz (@FitGaFitness)

Lorena is fitness enthusiast, lover of healthy living, a yoga instructor, and a holistic nutritional consultant.

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