Train Like a Bikini Pro

By Jordan Cieciwa

There is a misconception that Bikini Model training is easy. In fact, there is a feeling that bodybuilding in general is not a sport. That is simply not that case. I wish more people understood exactly what went into training like a pro in the world of bodybuilding. That would end the expectation that 30 minutes 3 times a week will get you looking like the girls in magazines. To get to that pro level you need to do 3 things:

Be Consistent

No missing workouts and never cheat on your diet. That means at all. No wine on a Tuesday because it was a hard day and no fries on a date Wednesday so you can say you had fun. It’s a sport that demands absolute perfection to be a pro. That commitment needs to be understood and respected.

Set Goals

Have personal bests in all your lifts and strive to beat them regularly. Try to do chin-ups, push ups, or other exercises most people can’t. You need to always be getting stronger and fitter. It’s what the best in the world do.

Lift Heavy

The next person that grabs 5-pound weights, does a whole bunch of biceps curls and tells me they’re toning is getting ninja kicked. That’s a myth! Performing lots of lightweight reps has long since been proven to be ineffective. High-rep work is excellent, but you should still be struggling. No one cares that you can do 20 squats and then bounce over to the next exercise. “Cuties with the booties” can’t walk after they squat. That’s a fact.

Respect the sport and know that it takes a lot of hard work and pushing the envelope to get results. You can do it too, but you have to put the effort in.

Jordan Cieciwa is a high performance strength coach to top talent in the UFC, CFL, and Olympic hopefuls. As a proud Canadian, he’s working hard to make his country healthier by changing his hometown to Follow the journey on Twitter and Instagram @FitCityJordan.

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