Training Talk with Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe

Want a little more insight into how this fitness maven keeps her body balanced? Read on as Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe shares her secrets for training a balanced physique.

JennyVBP208598_editI use an upper body and lower body split the majority of the time. Protein synthesis is elevated from 36 to 48 hours post exercise before returning back to baseline levels. Because of this, training a body part twice per week makes a lot more sense than hitting a body part once a week – especially when it comes to sustainability.

However if I’m trying to “bring up” a specific muscle group or body part, I’ll defer to a body-part split strategy for a few weeks; in which I’ll train that muscle with far greater frequency and a lot more volume, while the other parts are, more or less, in maintenance mode.

Of course calorie intake has to support the build as well. With body-part split strategy I’ll use high tension, high workload, and high fatigue (both muscle and nervous system) for a number of weeks before allowing the body to recover by completely laying off of that body part for a short period of time.

When I’m travelling, or short on time, I’ll defer to a full-body program such as complexes, metabolic work/bodyweight circuits or band work.


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