Why You Need To Find The Right Bra Size

By Anna Redman

“A recent Triumph survey revealed that 64 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size and a shocking 29 per cent are doing this knowingly!” shares professional bra fitter Melissa Pizzardi. In order to secure the best support on the market, Pizzardi suggests changing your bras with your wardrobe. “The lifespan of a bra is approximately six to eight months,” she reveals, so it’s ideal if you invest in new ones when the seasons change. Plus, it’s not uncommon to experience a slight shift in weight at this time, which can also affect size. “Wearing the wrong bra size can actually cause physical discomfort,” Pizzardi says. If you choose the wrong band size, it can rub against your skin, causing irritation, and it will put more pressure on the straps, which will dig into your shoulders. If you also choose the wrong cup size, the wires will end up poking you, potentially causing scars. “The most common mistake I see women make is choosing a band size that is much too large,” Pizzardi explains. Since most of the support comes from the band, it’s important to wear the right size. After all, you want to make sure your bra is doing its job and providing the right support. “A properly fitting bra is crucial to feeling confident,” she shares. “Not only will it improve your look and the way your clothing fit, but it will also affect your posture.”

With that being said, not every bra is created equal. Every woman has a unique shape and is looking for something different, so not every bra will work for every woman.

  • If you have a heavy, full bust, Pizzardi recommends finding a full-support bra with wider bands and straps for comfort.
  • Women with a petite body frame should be looking for collections designed specifically for smaller-framed women.
  • If you are looking for increased volume, Pizzardi suggests trying a push-up bra.
  • For a more natural look, try a wired, soft-cup style.
  • If you suffer from breast sensitivity, look for a style that has a soft, smooth fabric and a minimum number of seams.

“Wearing the right bra for your body can be life-changing!” Pizzardi notes. “A bra is designed to be our friend, not our enemy, so invest in a style that makes you feel great – you won’t believe the difference it makes!”

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