Wild Thing: 6 Animal-Inspired Exercises

We took a page out of The Jungle Book for  this workout! What’s your spirit animal?!


This spring, we’re turning to Mowgli and his friends (and enemies) for fitness inspiration. With the help of Lorena Santacruz, founder of yoga-fitness training hybrid FitGa, we’ve put together an intense program inspired by this year’s release of The Jungle Book. “A lot of the positions are on all fours because that’s what animals do; they move in so many different ways, and that helped me get creative with it,” says Santacruz.

It’s essential that you engage your core by tucking your tailbone and tilting the pelvis. “We tend to stick out our bum more when we walk, which is actually the worst thing we can do!” So get into the mindset of these ferocious jungle animals — it might feel zany, but we promise it’ll make your workout more fun!

Next Up: Mowgli’s Friends

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