Winter-Weekend Getaway Hot Spot

Don’t hide away, waiting for spring to come – get out and enjoy Canada’s winter wonderland!

By Stephanie La Leggia
Photos courtesy of Coastal Trek Resort

We can all agree that sometimes you just need a moment to recharge. Sometimes, that moment is a week in Mexico. Other times, you’d like to stay within the country and enjoy what Canada has to offer, in winter or summer. With our harsh snowstorms, daily work routine, and long hours stuck in traffic, it’s easy to forget how extraordinary and scenic our country is. The Stuchberys haven’t. They live it and appreciate it everyday. And the best part: they welcome you to join them.

Photo by Jim Scholari
Photo by Jim Scholari

At 640 metres above sea level on Vancouver Island near Comox Valley, you can find Andrea and Shayne Stuchbery’s home, complete with their four children, and beside them, the Coastal Trek Resort. Ten years ago, Andrea, her husband, parents, and brother built the Coastal Trek lodge for those who needed a holiday without sacrificing that homey feeling one often misses when travelling.

“It’s a very intimate setting,” says Andrea. “It’s not like other resorts. Here, you’re sitting around the fire, sharing stories, and getting to know one another.”


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