Your Guide To Supplement Timing: Morning

By The Editors

No matter what your goals, everyone wants and appreciates a little push in the right direction. And while supplementing sometimes gets a bad rap, the right choices can help you get to your fitness finish line faster, or at least with more resolve. But which types to select isn’t the only thing you need to consider.

Have you ever thought about when you should take these nutritional extras? We’re here to help.

“Supplement timing” is the practice of aligning your supplement intake with specific times of the day to optimize their effectiveness — which, considering the cost of said items, should certainly be addressed. If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals, you’re likely already taking quite a few to assist your workouts — and this can be tricky to juggle. Allow us to solve this predicament concerning your precious supplements, and reap all the benefits you deserve (and have paid for!).


Let’s define “morning” as the timeframe that begins when you wake up and ends just prior to lunch. During this time, you’d be well advised to get one meal in — we common folk call this “breakfast” — and then perhaps a mid-morning snack. This time of day is important for taking supplements, as it launches your energy levels and gets you on track to meeting your daily macro requirements. If you blow off breakfast or skip a morning snacking opportunity, you’ll be playing catch-up for the rest of the day with compromised energy levels. The best supplements to take at this time are protein convenience supplements and fat-loss support products.

Protein Convenience (RTDs And Bars)

It’s a no-brainer that protein is key in sculpting your figure. After all, it comes from the Greek word “protos” which means “of prime importance.” For many of us, getting that first morning protein feeding from whole foods alone can be pretty tough, especially since we have such little time to work with. This is why a protein convenience product like a ready-to-drink (RTD) shake or bar can serve as an important part of your game plan in the early a.m. hours. Pair an RTD or a low-carb protein bar with a serving of microwavable oatmeal topped with blueberries, and you have a quick, convenient, and delicious way to ensure you get off on the right foot when meeting your nutritional requirements for the day!

Fat-Loss Support

Depending on your individual goals, you may opt to take a fat-loss support supplement. These supplements often contain highly bio-available forms of caffeine, along with other key ingredients that work collectively to help increase energy levels, metabolism, and calorie expenditure, while also helping to keep your appetite in check. Often, the directions associated with fat-loss support products (which you should always follow) dictate anywhere from one to three servings a day. That being the case, that first dose usually piggybacks its way onto your breakfast.

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