Your Guide To Supplement Timing: Evening

By The Editors

Evening starts with dinner and ends with you going to bed — plus an optional mid-evening snack in between. If you’ve been playing your carbohydrate cards right during the day (and by “right” we mean tapering off slowly with the bulk of your carbs consumed prior to dinner), then you can make up that caloric void from carbs with some healthy fats and a source of slow-releasing protein.

Omega-3 fatty acids

If you, like many, are not a big fish eater, then you may want to strongly consider taking an omega-3 supplement with dinner. These healthy fats can have heart-protective effects and can lower triglyceride levels while also working to reduce inflammation, stiffness, and joint pain. If that’s not enough, a high intake of omega 3s has also been associated with improved insulin sensitivity, which is a huge bonus for fat loss and overall health.

Casein protein powder

As a final mid-evening snack (optional depending on your macro profile) many physique enthusiasts opt for something high in protein while relatively low in carbs, fats, and overall calories, given the proximity to bedtime. As a complete source of protein, casein fits the bill. A type of milk protein, casein is found in dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt, and, of course, milk. While you could go with a serving of full- or low-fat cottage cheese, a serving of fat-free plain Greek yogurt, or a glass of skim milk, you could also mix up a delicious casein protein shake and call it a night.

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